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Move With Ease Coaching: 2 sessions

Women reading this, are you aware of your feet on the ground? Can you feel your body?


Pregnancy doesn't have to be painful. Instead, despite what we've been told, you can feel strong, enlivened, and joyful throughout your *entire* experience of pregnancy. 

Did you know movement during the first trimester can help ease the effects of morning sickness and elevate your mood?

As your body produces relaxin in preparation for labor, the ligaments in the pelvic region begin to loosen. FRC training will help mitigate pain and potential injury while the relaxin fills your body. 

prepare you for the physical demands of motherhood.

Feeling connected with your body 

Connected joyful embodiment

FRC Joint Mobility training is a targeted program that can mitigate aches and pains during pregnancy and birth.  positivity the way we experience pregnancy is how we feel about motherhood. even if you're 30 weeks and beyond and feeling tension and pain this modality is so powerful that it can help you shift feeling... 

Even if you feel like you can't walk around the block, we can work with pain free ranges of motion so you can still move and get blood flow through your body.

Your pregnancy and childbirth experience doesn't have to be unpleasant. 

Feeling annoyed that you can't even walk to feel better?

Are you frustrated that you can't enjoy your pregnancy?

Even emerging stronger than you were prior to pregnancy.

And you feel defeated/debilitated to walk around the house, carry groceries, or even step outside to get fresh air which means you'll struggle enjoying your pregnancy.



My goal is to provide you with the coaching, guidance and motivation you need to tackle you and your baby’s health through fitness.

will assess your current movement habits (sharing your strengths and opportunity areas), teach you essential core techniques, answer any training questions you have,

As moms, we often forget to take care of ourselves. Wouldn’t you love to have the energy to take care of your family while feeling confident, healthy, and strong? It’s more than possible. Let me show you how.

This is for TWO 60 minute sessions and will be done over Zoom.


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