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Birth In Bliss Coaching: 2 sessions

Imagine what it would be like to have the birth you truly desire. Not because someone else told you to do it, but because you trusted your body, your baby, and the birth process [and birth itself.] Your baby is perfect and you are totally in love with your baby. You feel amazing postpartum. You're not at all worried about what could've been different. And you have this beautiful and instinctual connection together with your baby. 

Imagine what your life would be like if you had the birth of your dreams? With all the support you needed and the feeling of confidence with the information you had. To have the innate sense to listen to your body, to the flow of the birth process. The feeling of your baby breastfeeding easily, feeling good [happy] postpartum, that feeling of pleasurable and mutual connection [dependency] between you and your baby. 

1) This doesn't have to be a fantasy. Having an ecstatic homebirth can be your reality. Let me support in exploring the choices that will/involve....

 With these Birth in Bliss sessions, we will explore: 

2) Here's how you can... Together with these sessions we will explore:

-emotionally preparing you where birth takes you

-the fundamental understanding of physiological birth 

-how the flow of hormones between mother and baby work together during the birth process

-what to expect immediate postpartum and how to support breastfeeding, bleeding, and newborn transition

-variations of normal

-learn about prenatal care and birthing in the system

-how to navigate the possibilities of  'complications' and 'emergencies' 

-options on what to do with your placenta and cord

-how to protect your birth space and who should be there

I'm here to support and care you so you can feel confident and fully informed with the choices you make. The feeling of excitement that you and your baby will experience through the biological and evolutionary instincts of bonding, attachment, connection, and flow of love will arrive!


This is for TWO 60 minute sessions and will be done over Zoom.


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